FLOWEY Anti-Insect insect cleaner for car washing in a 500ml package with spray nozzle for home use


FLOWEY Anti-Insect bug remover spray simply and effectively removes the remains of bugs from vehicle surfaces and windshields. During its use, the vehicle's polish is not damaged.

2,283 Ft 2283.0 HUF 2,283 Ft  27% áfát tartalmaz

2,283 Ft  27% áfát tartalmaz

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Manufacturer:Flowey Luxemburg
Packing method:Bottle
Product form:Chemical liquid

Information about the product

FLOWEY Anti-Insect contains components that protect the sensitive surfaces of the vehicle during use. After effective bug removal, the product results in a well-kept surface thanks to the added quality materials. Use the FLOWEY Anti-Insect Spray even when you go to a self-service car wash!

The product is produced using the formula used in FLOWEY's industrial solutions, so the best properties of professional car care materials are available even for hobby users.

Such animal origin pollution is most often caused by bird droppings, remains of beetles, or other insects. These pollutants differ in their chemical composition from conventional pollutants, which are most often carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides and solid particles. Animal-derived dirt is more difficult to remove from the surface, especially in the summer heat, if it has burned into or dried into the vehicle's paintwork. In such cases, traditional cleaning is not effective. Animal contaminants usually contain moisture or absorb moisture more easily, thus promoting surface corrosion. Periodic cleaning of the vehicle surface is very important in order to prevent injuries caused by animal contamination.


In hot weather, cool the surface to be treated. Never let the product dry on the treated surface! In any case, rinse the product with plenty of running water after use. If you have any doubts about the use of the product, perform a test on an invisible surface or contact our staff!

Safety informations

  • H315  Causes skin irritation.
  • H319  Causes serious eye irritation.

Information about the Manufacturer

Founded in Luxembourg in 1990, the FLOWEY brand has now become synonymous with quality and innovation in the world of professional cleaning products. The basic values of the FLOWEY company are innovation, expertise, quality and efficiency. These benchmarks and the continuous sharing of knowledge with users and countless professional partners characterize one of Europe's leading brands.

In order to meet the special market needs related to professional cleaning, FLOWEY is constantly expanding its product range in the vehicle washing, professional car care, industrial cleaning and HORECA sectors.

The FLOWEY brand, which has a history of several decades, and the continuous dialogue with customers ensures an effective solution to the problems that arise. FLOWEY's product development laboratory is connected to Europe's largest chemical manufacturers. Thanks to this, FLOWEY constantly tests the latest innovations available on the market to always provide its customers with products that are at the forefront of innovation. FLOWEY strictly adheres to industry regulations such as Regulation 648/2004/EC on detergents and REACH, CLP, and other regulations) in order to comply with legal requirements in all cases and with respect to all products.

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